Berlin-based Visual artist | Ed Mehravaran was born in 1987 in Iran. He studied Design and New Media. Photography and Cinematography became his favorite form of artistic expression. He kept on learning and mastering his technique in lighting, retouching, coloring. His wide area of work speaks of his keen interest in expressing his many ideas. He has been working for various fashion and lifestyle brands and is always happy to explore new visual opportunities in photography, film, and design.”


  • BA Graphic design Maziar University Noor-Iran
  • MA Graphic design Hacettepe University Ankara-Turkey
  • MA New Media Gazi University Ankara-Turkey


  • Father photography Exhibition, Tabriz, Iran 2007
  • The 71st International Photographic Salon – Asahi Shimbun, Japan, 2011
  • Shootnation, London, 2010
  • storyteller awards, UK, 2011
  • Novi Sad, Serbia, 2011
  • Image of year, Tehran, 2010, 11, 12
  • Art center gallery, Tehran, 2010
  • Bor, Serbia, 2010
  • Hipa, Dubai, 2011
  • Performance Award for Humanity Photo awards2013 China


  • Anti Aids, Ukraine, 2009
  • Golden Bee, Moscow, 2010
  • Golden Bee, Moscow, 2016
  • Faber Castell, Tehran, 2010
  • Warsaw Poster Biennale, Poland, 2012
  • Novi Sad, Serbia, 2012
  • International Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow 2011
  • International Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow 2015
  • 8thInternational Triennial of Stage Posters Sofia 2016
  • Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016


  • First Prize: 18th international young Visual Art Awards (photography category) Gorgan, Iran, 2011
  • First Prize: Shahre Farang Motiongraphics awards, Iran, 2012
  • Selected winners: Ibdaa Awards (Digital photography category) Dubai, Emirates, 2009
  • The Jury Honor Prize: 13th International Biennal of Theatre poster, Rzeszów, Poland, 2011
  • Honorable Mention: 71st international photographic salon of Japan, Asahi Shimbun, 2011


  • Triennial of Stage Posters Sofia
  • Morteza Momayez
  • Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow