Cuneyd Zapsu

Turkish Businessman Cuneyd Zapsu Completed his primary education in Munich, graduated from the German High School Istanbul, Business Administration at the Istanbul University and studied Economics at the Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich. Zapsu’s business life began in 1977 at the family-owned holding’s various companies. In 2001, he decided to pause his long business career in favor becoming one of the founders of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), served as Special Assistant and Information Coordinator to Party Chairman R. T. Erdogan, as well as serving in The Central Decision Board. In 2008, Mr. Zapsu resigned from the party and founded Cuneyd Zapsu Consultancy Inc. Additionally, he is the owner or main shareholder of several companies such as Balsu Gıda Inc, one of the leading hazelnut processors and exporters in the world. He also takes place in some NGOs and foundations in Turkey and overseas.