I am Berlin Based Photographer do you need a professional photographer in Berlin? I am a Berlin-based photographer. I am doing photography for Commercial projects, fashion Brands, Beauty, and makeup schools, Editorial photo shooting for magazines. 

Since my 19 years Professional Carriere in Photography I did a lot of projects like Commercial Photography for companies and brands. Fashion photography for fashion and textile companies who wants to make a printed Catalog, Advertising Billboards, Fashion Look-book for Online marketing. Sports Photography for Sports Magazines and Professional Athletes. Beauty Photography for Beauty Products and Makeup Schools, Also Beauty Editorial shooting for Fashion Magazines. Product Photography for Print and Online Marketing. Business Portraits for Brands and Companies who want to present Managers and Brand CEO on Websites or Publish them on Magazines and Newspapers. Lifestyle and Travel Photography for Magazines and Travel Companies and also Hotels. Documentary Photography. Fine art Photography. Portrait Photography from People.


I’m Berlin based Professional Photographer

Ed Mehravaran Shooting analog photos with middle format Camera Mamiya RB67

    Berlin Photographer I Filmmaker I Ed Mehravaran
    Gelfertstraße 45, 14195 Berlin, Germany

    Berlin Photographer, When I started photography.

    I started photography in 2000 when I was 13 years old. I am interested in all kinds of Visual arts like Photography, Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy, Printmaking. My photography Story started one Summer day after finishing the school exams I wanted to do something.

    my cousin had a Photography Laboratory and they were printed photos from all of the photographers in the city. on other hand, my cousin was the first person at that time to start working with Adobe Photoshop 5.0. Exactly I remember all the photographers coming to us for learning Photoshop from us, of course at that time no photography tutorials like these days on the internet for Learning Photography.

    Professional Photographer.

    Summer 2000 at 3 months I learned How to use Adobe Photoshop for editing photos, How to take analog photos (I started with Analog Photography), How to print professional Photographs at the end, Hot to be a professional Photographer.

    Learning Academic Photography.

    at that time I needed to start High School and I should decide what to study. this photography Story at my cousin’s Photography department helped me to decide what to study, I started studying Graphic Design at Fine Art High School.

    All of my professional Carriere in Photography started from there, I learned Academic Photography, History of Art, I learned Graphic Design, And Generally, I learned Art.

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