Photo Studio Berlin

Welcome to Ed Mehravaran Photo Studio in Berlin. I am a Berlin-based, Photographer and Filmmaker. If you need a photo shoot in Berlin for your online to-print marketing, you can contact me. I am working with Profoto B2 and D1 series lighting systems in the Studio. On the other hand, also I like to work with natural light.

What I am doing?

I am taking photos and videos for online marketing like YouTube videos, and videos for Instagram feeds and Stories.

Which kind of photography and films?

  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Portrait
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Business Portraits

How I am working?

Before photo shooting we are talking about ideas with your art director, If you are interested also I can do creative art direction for your production. Now it’s time to find the right day for photography.

Rent a Photo and Film Studio in Berlin

some of the Rental studios in Berlin. HAVEL STUDIOS, Film atelier Hasel horst Berlin, Studio TV Film Berlin, Berlin Union Film BUFA , BRIDGE , Raw, Ocean, Cherie.

Studio prices in Berlin

Prices in Berlin depend on how big is the Studio. For example, Havel studios or big studios generally are more than 1000 Euro per day, but if you don’t need a big space or just want to make an editorial fashion or editorial portrait or Lookbook for a fashion catalog, just rent a small Studio. Small studio prices for Editorial and Test shooting are 300 Euro for 10 hours. For commercial photography and filming, the price is 350 euros for 10 hours. For a workshop and casting for 350 Euro for 10 hours. One of the best studios for renting in Berlin is Ocean Studio Berlin.

Rental Photo Studio in Berlin (Shortlist)

  2. Allmost Studio
  3. Birken Studio
  4. Blender Studio
  5. BUFA – Berliner Union Film
  6. BRIDGE Studios Berlin
  7. Batterie
  8. Berlin(Studio Berlin)
  9. Bakery Studio Berlin
  10. Camera Workers
  11. Cherie
  12. Eyecandy
  13. Eoin Moylan Studio
  14. Ever Green Studios
  15. Filmatelier Haselhorst Berlin
  16. Fotostyle Berlin
  17. Glashaus Studio
  18. Heyn Studios
  19. Hangar
  20. HAVEL STUDIOS – Film Studios & photo studios – Berlin
  21. Inclover Studio
  22. Ikonic Studio
  23. Konsum Studio
  24. Kaos Berlin
  25. Ludwig Studio Berlin
  26. Lynx Studio
  27. Lux&Asa
  28. Location Berlin
  29. Lakshmi Studio
  30. Mietstudio Studio Berlin
  31. Morning Dew Studio
  32. Neon Island Studio
  33. OceanstudioBerlin
  34. Raw Studios
  35. Studio TV.Film Berlin
  36. Spielfeld Berlin
  37. Sepistudio
  38. Spree Graphen Studio
  39. Tor 78
  40. Velt Foto Mietstudio
  41. We Studio
  42. Welcome Home Studio
  43. White Box 030
  44. 317.84studio
  45. 9492 Studio
  46. Lounge Studio
  47. Oat Milk Studios