Berlin photo Spots Bode MuseumReviewed by Edmehravaran on Jun 19Rating:

one of the best photo spots in Berlin for the shooting is Bode museum. I did a lot of photo shootings like portrait and fashion around this place. I’m using the architecture of the museum as a Background. I highly recommend you to visit this place, if you are a professional photographer and you are in Berlin. especially in summers mixing the sunshine with the building is giving a beautiful effect for photos.

Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum
Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum
Photo shooting Berlin
Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum
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Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum
Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum
Berlin photo Spots Bode Museum

Photography Equipment

  • Canon 5Dsr
  • Canon EF 50mm F1,2 L USM
  • Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

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