water cures photo collection was shot in SareinArdabil Province (IRAN)- 2011

My purpose for this Documentary Photography – WATER CURES was to introduce the city and portray different types of characters visiting the place. Flowing through a valley, Gavmish Goli thermal spring is the biggest mineral spring of Sareyn, both in length and in the amount of water that flows down it. This mineral spring has a pool 130 cm deep, with an area of 400 m2.

Documentary Photography – WATER CURES Gavmish Goli thermal spring runs through the center of Sareyn, at 1940 m above sea level and rests at the bottom of the valley. The water with a sour taste and hydrogen sulfide odor flows uninterruptedly and reaches 46 degrees Celsius in the pool.

Yellow deposits of iron oxide are found on the banks of the spring and the basins. The major anions include carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, and sulfate, and the major cations include calcium, manganese, sodium, and potassium. The water is considered as a hot chloride, sodium bicarbonate, Celtic type.

Health Benefits: The water is prescribed for general diseases, rheumatism chronic pains, gynecological problems, scrofula, and heart diseases.

Documentary Photography – WATER CURES

Documentary Photography – WATER CURES
Documentary Photography – WATER CURES


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