this is a photo series which I photographed at the year 2009 in Tabriz-Iran. Gajil Gapisi is an ancient and historical district in Tabriz-Iran. The district is mainly famous for having one of the major gates of the older Tabriz in ancient times. In the Pahlavi era, a park, Golestan Park, is constructed in part of the Gajil district which was previously used as a cemetery.

Gajil Gapisi is an old place in Iran-Tabriz. last 20-30 years this place changed for a criminal place for the people
Gajil Gapisi
Gajil Gapisi
general view of the location
a man made a fire with trashes for getting warm
Visual art
Darbe Gajil
second hand shoes
Tv and radio shop
mobile phone dialer
people using corners as a toilet
Visual art