Today I had a Portfolio photo shoot for Oliver Haenisch in My photo Studio in Berlin. I used my Profoto B10 and Beauty dish as a light modifier and my Canon Camera. Oliver is a makeup lover who Wants to Improve his makeup portfolio. I worked with a professional Model who made the photo-shooting process much faster. I did 5 different looks and will select 2 photos from each look for retouching. For more information about portfolio photo shooting and price list, click here.

Portfolio photo shooting for Oliver Haenisch: About Oliver Hänisch

Oliver Hänisch Makeup Artist based in Berlin and Brussels. With an extraordinary understanding of color, light, and shape Oliver´s signature looks include natural beauty and creative designs. His talent, combined with 16 years of professional experience in the industry, has made him a sort-after artist. His work has been featured in magazines, advertising campaigns, and TV shows.

Portfolio photo shooting for Oliver Haenisch
Oliver Hänisch in Ed Mehravaran’s Studio
my photography studio in Berlin. Im using Profoto B10 Flash light
Portfolio photo shooting in my Studio