In July 2021 I was visiting the beautiful city, Prague. I was taking 135mm analog photos. After finishing my roles, I was thinking about where to develop a 135mm analog film in Prague, Czech Republic. FotoŠkoda is the right place for developing and printing your analog films. I tried to check other photo laboratories for development, but they needed a long time for it because they are sending the forms to Germany for development.

develop a 135mm analog film in Prague, Czech Republic
Centrum Fotoškoda Prague

History of the FotoŠkoda Center

In 2002, the palace was renovated under the direction of architect Ladislav Lábus, and subsequently, the company Centrum FotoŠkoda, which is one of the most important photographic centers in Europe, moved here. Thanks to the continuing tradition of the studio, a large number of personalities gather here, as was the case in the time of J. Langhans. The FotoŠkoda Center is the largest store of cameras and photo equipment in the Czech Republic, so everyone can find what they need here. Outside the studio, there is a photo services department, which will take care of everything connected with taking photos, from the development of the film to the final adjustment.
Address: Vodičkova 37, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

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Vodičkova 37, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

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“Analogue” is another place where you develop a 135mm analog film in Prague, Czech Republic

Analogue is another place for developing analog film and shopping analog films, but personally, I didn’t develop or print anything there also I was reading a negative review about the shop on the address is Vlašská 357/10 118 00 Prague, Czech Republic.

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