Christopher Street Day, (CSD-Parade 2019 in Berlin event), takes place every year at the end of July in Berlin-Germany. From a small parade to the largest LGBT event in all of Germany. all photos are under the copyright.

CSD-Parade 2019 in Berlin direction

From Kurfürstendamm, the journey continues to Brandenburger Tor.


In 2019, on 27 July

Highlights of the CSD in Berlin

celebrate, dance, and enjoy the exuberant atmosphere at Germany’s biggest CSD parade in Berlin a community celebration for all: people of all ages, from all parts of the world and with different sexual orientations celebrate together.
large parade through the city center of Berlin with more than one million enthusiastic participants from all over the world.
starting in the afternoon, big finale and closing rally at the Brandenburg Gate with special live acts on the main stage.
numerous party locations all over Berlin invite you to celebrate the whole night. More

you want to support the csd berlin? Because they (CSD-Berlin) need your support in financing one of the biggest LGBTI * demonstrations in Germany – your CSD – they look forward to every donation. 
So that they can go together again in 2020 for the rights of LGBTTIQ * on the road. 
In 2020, they look back on 50 years of the Stonewall movement, but they continue to look ahead to stand up for our rights! for more infos please checkout CSD Berlin Website here.

CSD-Parade 2019 in Berlin_27 July

CSD-Parade 2019 in Berlin_27 July

stop homophobia Transphobia. Ruda Puda (
German star Micaela Schäfer at Parade Berlin 2019

Die homosexuelle Liebe ist Schön

Micaela Schäfer & Julian F.M. Stoeckel at Berlin Parade 2019