Dominique Buege Venus in Furs installation preparation in my Studio in Dahlem.

When I met Dominique, it was 8th January 2021 exactly the time which Corona locked down the world. We met in Friedrichshain-Berlin and had a tee together and talked about art. That was the beginning of this connection. Then she showed me her project and I decided to help her.

In Dominique Buege Venus in Furs Artworks, the artist is concerned with the sexualization
and objectification of women by society. With this installation “Venus in Furs” she wants to push for the de-tabooing of the examination of the female gender and invites on her Instagram channel @dominiquebuege to exchange ideas with her about it.
Exchange. The work was part of her midterm exam at the end of the winter semester 2020/21 and was shown at Ed Mehravaran’s studio in Berlin.

About Dominique Buege

Dominique Buege is an artist and art mediator in Berlin, she studied at the University of the Arts in the class of Prof. David Schutter. Dominique deals with objectification and sexualization, in short with the discrimination of the female gender. Despite enormous progress in the emancipation of women, we are still far from the goal of equal rights as well as equality between men and women and thus also between artists.

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Dominique Buege working on her artworks (Venus in Furs) with Ed Mehravaran
Venus in Fursinstallation
Dominique Buege Venus in Furs installation hanging from roof for taking photos
Dominique Buege
Berlin Based Artist Dominique Buege
Dominique Buege Venus in Furs