About my Editorial photography for L’Officiel Thailand in Summer 2022 which is published in L’Officiel Thailand, L’Officiel China, Schön Magazine, and InStyle Greece. I had a different concept in my mind, but my Stylist Friend Pablo Patane Pushed me to Change the Concept, and it gave different vibes to the photos. I worked with an excellent team. Nina Park did the makeup, and Pablo was the Stylist. Also, I had a High fashion brand, which is not easy to get for every shooting. Here you can see all the photos from this editorial

Photos of Shani with Flower for L’Officiel Thailand
Editorial photography for L’Officiel Thailand

What I learned from Editorial Photography for L’Officiel Thailand

I made the Mood board and concept for this editorial, then I sent it to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.
It means I am the art director and producer for this editorial. Then I started to build my team. For this concept, I was using flowers on the face (for spring & summer issues) that’s why I need someone to organize flowers and help makeup artists.

After getting my Pull Later from Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. I asked Pablo Patane to do Styling for this Beauty Editorial. But he said he is working on a Mercedes-Benz campaign, and he can do it after 2 weeks. Which was 4 days before my deadline to deliver the photos to the editor. I trusted him and I accepted. Then I organized the rest of my team ( I mentioned all of them below this post), and I took the photos in Berlin.

Then Pablo started to say the mood board was not cool, and he didn’t like it. He changed the total looks and vibes of the editorial. This was my biggest mistake, I let him do it. However, after producing the photos the editors of Harper’s Bazaar did not publish them, because Pablo changed the mood. But luckily, the Photos were published in 4 different fashion and beauty magazines.

Overall, I learned from Editorial Photography for L’Officiel Thailand, to never listen to other’s opinions and to do what I love and trust more to my artistic vision. I studied Fineart and I know what to do and how I create artwork.

Source: lofficielthailand.com
Photographer: Ed Mehravaran @edmehravaran
Photographer Assistant: @its_gesa
Makeup artist: NINA PARK @ninaparkbeaute
Makeup artist Assistant: @kaly_fox
Stylist: PABLO PATANE @pablo_patane
Stylist Assistant: @cyrine_dfx
Hair Stylist: @y.masa0711
Hair Stylist Assistant: Lee Hyangsoon
Set Designer: @ninamarlena
Model: @shaniresnick @modelwerk @0800agent