I’m delighted to share with you my Lighting Diagram for Elle Arabia January 2023 issues. Lighting Diagram helps beginner Photographers to understand light. I used the Spotlight photography technic. All photo series of this Editorial is in my Gallery.

Lighting Diagram for ELLE Arabia January 2023

Key light

I used the Profoto B10 as a key light without any modifier and tried to shape the light with 2 Flags which I made by myself from paper.

What does Key light mean in photography?

Lighting Diagram for ELLE Arabia January 2023 Background Light

My background was white, but I used Profoto D2 with A Beauty dish for my Backlight, also I used a diffuser for a beauty dish. I used backlight from down, with almost 55 degrees to up.


My key light was so harsh, for filling the shadows I used a white desk that was helping the model pose.

Lighting Diagram for ELLE Arabia January 2023 and products that I used for

Flashlights: Profoto B10 & Air Remote TTL & Profoto D2
Camera: Sony a7 M2
Camera setting: 1/125s, f/20 & ISO 100
Lens: Canon 24-105mm F4 SAM

What is a Lighting Diagram

A lighting diagram is a visual representation of a lighting setup for a photography or videography shoot. It shows the placement of lights, cameras, and other equipment, as well as the direction and intensity of the light. Lighting diagrams are used by photographers, videographers, and lighting technicians to plan and communicate their lighting designs.

A lighting diagram typically includes the following elements:

  • Camera placement: the position of the camera in the scene.
  • Light sources: the position and type of lights used in the setup.
  • Light direction: the direction in which the light is pointing.
  • Light intensity: the brightness of the light, often indicated by the size of the light symbol in the diagram.
  • Modifiers: any accessories used to shape or soften the light, such as softboxes, umbrellas, or barn doors.
  • Power sources: the location of power sources, such as electrical outlets or battery packs.

Lighting diagrams can be created using a variety of tools, including hand-drawn sketches, software, or specialized lighting diagram templates. They are especially useful for complex lighting setups, where a clear understanding of the placement and direction of lights is essential for achieving the desired lighting effects.

Spotlight portrait photography Lighting

Spotlight portrait photography is a style that uses strong, directional lighting to create a dramatic and impactful image. In this type of photography, the subject is illuminated by a single focused light source, while the rest of the image remains in shadow. This style of lighting can be used to create a variety of moods, ranging from dramatic and intense to soft and intimate.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when setting up your lighting for a portrait under the spotlight. First, the position of the light source is crucial. The light should be placed to the side of the subject, at an angle of about 45 degrees, and slightly above their head. This will create a three-dimensional sculptural effect and also help reduce harsh shadows on the face.

Another important factor to consider is the intensity of the light. The light should be bright enough to create a dramatic effect, but not so bright that it obscures the details of the subject’s face. You can adjust the intensity of the light with a dimmer switch or by adjusting the distance between the light source and the subject.

Backstage from ELLE Arabia January 2023 Shooting