Music Video in Cappadocia – Turkey

Music Video in Cappadocia – Turkey? here I have some tips for organizing you production in Cappadocia. music video production has become a creative and effective way for artists to market themselves and their songs online or on television. But before the advent of modern digital media, music video production was limited to the industry pros due to the lack of equipment and technical know-how.

How to Shoot a Music Video in Cappadocia – Turkey

for becoming a professional music video maker you have to make your own style for film making and better to work with professional team and equipment. here with these helpful tips, you can easily Travel to Cappadocia for making an amazing music video with Balloons.

  1. Make a Contract
  2. Find your team
  3. Make a travel plan
  4. Make storyboard
  5. Rent equipment
  6. Rent a production Car
  7. Get a permit for shooting
  8. Start shooting
  9. Edit your video
  10. Export your video

1. Make a Contract

Using a video production contract should be a normal part of your workflow with a client.  The video production contract should be discussed and signed before any work is started on the project.

2. Find your team

makeup artist on music video production set in Cappadocia

For making every production you need a team who can help you during the shooting or for postproduction, here I want to give you a short list crow which you need to collaborate with them:

  • Artists/Models/Dancers– the artists/talents will be your main focus for making a video which already you have your Signer but maybe you need models or dancers for your music video. If you are coming from out of Turkey for making a music video I would suggest you get your models or actors from agencies in Istanbul. In Istanbul, you could find a lot of model agencies. Also for finding the list of agencies you could check out website.
  • Makeup artist– in Istanbul you could find a lot of makeup artist agencies but KUM agency is working really professional and they have a list of best makeup artists in turkey.
  • Stylist– in Istanbul you could find a stylist, but this part will be one of the difficult parts of your shooting because you will spend a lot of money for that.
  • Camera Operator– For professional quality output, you may want to look for a good cinematographer. You can find the list of camera operators in Istanbul here.
  • Drone operator – A Drone technician will be in charge of the day, here you could find a drone operators list. don’t forget to get a permit for filming with Drone in Cappadocia.
  • Technical/Production Crew– Your technical and/or production crew can assist you in anything, from holding the boom poles to assembling or preparing the music video set. Emerge film solutions will help you to find your Crew in turkey.
  • Video Editor– now you have all of the files and you need to edit them, for getting the best result I recommend you for working with professionals because any small mistake on editing can break your final output.

3. Make a Travel Plan for making Music Video in Cappadocia – Turkey

Ed Mehravaran making music video in Cappadocia

  1. Book a hotel from because sometime you could find chip prices from there.
  2. There is a 2 airport close to Cappadocia, 1. Kayseri, 2. Nevsehir. Generally, some hotels have transport services.

List of hotels with amazing views with the balloons

4. Make storyboard

After making an Idea about the song and making research about location, it’s time to make a plans for your shoot. Make a brainstorming with your creative art director, story flow, plans, camera positions actors, positions, and other important factors.

5. Rent equipment

Renting equipment is the thing you have to rent from Istanbul if you have a huge list of equipment, then the rental companies have to send them with the production car, if not you can pay a bit extra money for airplane and take them with yourself.

here you could find the list of rental companies in Istanbul:

6.Rent a Production Car in Cappadocia

cappadocia Balloons

Renting a minibus with a driver which can transfer your Crew and your equipment is the best option for you.

7. Get a permit for shooting

One of the important factors for filming in Cappadocia is getting permits for shooting, especially for the Drone shooting.

8. Start shooting Music Video in Cappadocia – Turkey

Ed Mehravaran making film
Ed Mehravaran
Ed Mehravaran in Cappadocia
Ed Mehravaran
walking with DJI ronin on top of mountains is difficult

Step by step starts to make a music video. get the team and equipment ready, first, you will start with makeup and styling, then set up your lights and camera on the location and start to filming.

An important factor for making a music video or filming in Cappadocia!!!!!!!!

  • The area is dusty, every time check out your lens and sensor of your camera
  • At outside shooting don’t forget for taking an extra battery

9. Edit your video

location with balloons for film making in Turkey
Anatolia Balloons

Now you have your footage and time to spend a lot of time in front of the computer for postproduction. Try to choose a professional software for Editing. I can recommend you adobe suite software like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects and for color grading one of the powerful software is DaVinci Resolve.