Portrait photography
Portrait photography
Portrait Photo Shooting with Anne at Alexa Shopping center in Berlin

about Portrait photography with Anne is a portrait photo session which I did at 2019 in Berlin. I am Berlin Based Visual artist Ed Mehravaran. for more photos please check out my portfolio.

Portrait photography with Anne lighting setup

I used Natural light.

The Camera

Canon 6D, 1/160 Sutter spead, ISO 100.

The Lens used for this portrait photography

Canon EF 85mm 1.4L USM.

EF 85mm f/1.4L USM
MarketedNovember 2017
Original Price200,000 yen
Lens Construction (group)10
Lens Construction (element)14
No. of Diaphragm Blades9 (circular aperture)
Minimum Aperture22
Closest Focusing Distance (m)0.85
Maximum Magnifcation (x)0.12
Filter Diameter (mm)77
Maximum Diameter x Length (mm)88.6 x 105.4
Weight (g)Approx. 950

The EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM utilizes a high-precision glass molded aspherical lens that realizes excellent sharpness from the center of the image to the periphery and employs Canon’s proprietary ASC (Air Sphere Coating), which greatly reduces the occurrence of flaring and ghosting, to achieve superb rendering performance. What’s more, the fast f/1.4 aperture makes possible the capture of high-quality stills and video with exquisite background bokeh effects, even in such low-light scenarios as shooting at night or indoors.

While employing a large f/1.4 diameter, the lens achieves image stabilization equivalent to approximately four shutter-speed stops1 that makes possible image capture with reduced camera shake, even in low-light environments. What’s more, this image stabilization can be achieved in a compact, lightweight design thanks to improvements to the lens’s overall mechanical structure. This medium-telephoto lens with excellent handling makes possible handheld shooting at a comfortable distance from the subject and supports a wide range of shooting scenarios—particularly blurred-background portrait shooting.

The Location

location was the Alexa shopping center.

About Alexa

Alexa Centre or simply Alexa, is a shopping centre near Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany. Wikipedia