Emma Kroeg Analog portrait session was one of the most beautiful and intense Portraits that I have done in my life until now. On 13 December 2021, we had a fashion shoot together, I had a deep connection with her, she could read from my eyes what I wanted to tell her or how I wanted her to pose to my Camera. She is so talented, I’m sure she will be a successful model in the future. I printed the photos in an analog Darkroom and I hung them on my wall.

For this shoot, I used Analog and Digital cameras. My Analog Camera was Chinon CS-4 – Reliable Screw-Mount SLR which belonged to my cousin. He started photography before me and I started to learn photography from him when I was 13 years teenager. But after digital evolution, he stopped using the analog camera and gave it to me. This Chinon Camera was made in Japan and was popular in the late 1960s-1970s. I would say this is so similar to Pentax Cameras and even the mount is similar, and I could use all Pentax lenses. My lens was 50 mm F1.4.

I used Fortepan 100 B/W 35 mm film, which expired in 2005, and I developed the film with an ADOX (Rodinal) Chemical.

Black and white portrait of Beautiful model Emma Kroeg from her profile
Analog Portrait
Emma Kroeg Analog Portrait Taken by Ed Mehravaran in Berlin
Emma Kroeg Analog Portrait Taken by Ed Mehravaran in Berlin

Emma is a German young Model who’s represented by ModelWerk Agency.

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