If you are looking for an amazing Photography location in Berlin, Garten Der Welt is one of the best places where you can take photos and videos for your Professional project or even for your Instagram. See more photos in my gallery.

In Garten der welt you can explore the world. They have a garden from all around the world with unique architecture.  For example, international Asian Garden, Christian Garden, Balinese   Garden, Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, and Oriental Islamic Garden. I need my shoot in an Oriental Islamic garden with beautiful ceramics and architecture.

Photos of female model Bela in Garden der welt-Berlin
Garten Der Welt-Berlin
Photography location in Berlin, Garten Der Welt. model sitting on the ground
I love the blue, white, green, and black combinations on these ceramics. This ceramic called “Zillij” This word is used for Moroccan ceramics which are used in gardens and arcades of gardens. In the past because of Islamic beliefs, painting and showing humans or animals was forbidden, artists only used forms of colors and calligraphy.
Photography location in Berlin, Garten Der Welt.
Model sitting on the ground and on the wall you could see Moroccan ceramic

Map– Garten Der Welt

On the website, you can make your plan and download it.

Map- Garten Der Welt

Photography Location in Berlin Garten Der Welt Backstage Video

Photography Location in Berlin Garten Der Welt backstage video. Here you can see a short video from my shooting:


For this shoot, I used my old Canon 6D camera with my 70-200 Canon F/2.8L III IS USM and my Analog Canon AE1 with 50mm Lens. I have so many Cameras like the Sony a7 mark3, Canon 5Ds, and Sony a7 Mark4. But all of these cameras are high quality and give me a high file size (50MG) for each photo. This is too much for the photos, which will be used only online. The advantage of Canon 6D is Wi-Fi connection to my mobile phone. Sometimes after shooting, I could have reviewed my photos from a bigger screen. I use the Canon EOS Utility app on my iPhone. Here you can see how to use the app.

For my bigger productions, every time, I’m tattering the photos to the computer by using capture one.

my Camera when I did shooting in Garten der welt with Bela

For the list of photography and videography locations in Berlin, visit my post, I have some more spots.

In July 2020 I did an outdoor photo shoot in Berlin in the Green Garden, but I mixed natural light with a Flashlight. Sometimes to get High-Quality results, I use a lighting System on the Location too. If you don’t have professional lighting equipment, you can rent them. In Berlin, you can find rental companies like Delight Renting Service and 711 Rent, click here to see the full list.

Planning to do an indoor Photoshoot in Berlin and Looking for a Studio?

Most of the time you are visiting a different city for a photo shoot or a Video project, and then you need to find a place or rent a studio. In Berlin, you can find a rental Studio which I made a list for you to find easily, check out this Studio list here.

And this is me in this beautiful location in Berlin. Don’t forget, this location for production is not free, and you need to book and pay for it. Please contact me if you have any questions.