Here I’m sharing my 01 outdoor photography backstage from a fashion shoot that I did in July 2020 in Berlin.

01 outdoor photography backstage with portable background in nature. in this photography project I used profoto b10
01 outdoor photography backstage
01 outdoor photography backstage with portable background in nature. Ed Mehravaran taking fashion photos on location with yellow background

01 outdoor photography backstage photos from black woman legs in withe shoes. Styling by Gesa Schroder
01 outdoor photography backstage from Ed Mehravaran. he is taking analog photos with middle format camera. Mamiya RB67 camera with 250 mm lens. Ed Mehravaran is a Berlin based professional photographer.
a black model with flowers on her hand
Ed Mehravaran taking photos from a Model. black model. fashion shoot. photographer. 01 outdoor photography backstage with portable background in nature. Ed Mehravaran taking fashion photos on location with yellow background
Polaroid photos from Gesa Schroder. tok thid photo with Fuji Polaroid Camera
Polaroid photo in outdoor locations

01 outdoor photography backstage

Some of my friends asked me if I could share my photography backstage photos and videos, then I decided to make this post. I hope it could be helpful for you as a photographer art director or model if you want to do an outdoor photo shoot, on the other hand, you could get some inspiration about outdoor fashion photography.

01 outdoor photography backstage is from my fashion photography project. l used a portable background and Profoto B10 flashlights.
I like the Profoto lighting system

Which cameras did I use?

For this shoot, I used Canon 6D, Sony Alpha 7 mark 2, and my Analog middle format Camera Mamiya RB67

About Canon 6D:

Full-frame CMOS sensor with 20.2 megapixels

At the heart of the EOS 6D are a 20-megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor and a DIGIC 5+ image processor. Together they ensure brilliant shots full of details. Colors are reproduced precisely and in natural gradations.

The full format advantage

The full format sensor enables the full potential of all EF wide-angle lenses to be exploited, thus helping to take completely new approaches to landscape photography, interior shots reportage, and street photography. In addition, the full-frame sensor gives even more influence on the depth of field and gives every portrait shot that certain something.

Designed for great mobility

The camera is light enough to be everywhere and robust enough to withstand the rigors of travel photography. A simple control with intuitive and ergonomic controls characterizes the everyday suitability of the EOS 6D.

First-class low-light performance

Even when the light dims, the EOS 6D still delivers great pictures. The ISO range extends from ISO 100 to ISO 25,600 (expandable to L: 50, H1: 51,200, H2: 102,400) and the 11-point AF system is sensitive to -3 EV. It is so sensitive that you can still take pictures even in moonlight.

Simple composition

The bright full-frame viewfinder of the EOS 6D is very intuitive to work with. A 7.6 cm (3.0-inch) Clear View II LC display with 1,040,000 pixels makes live view recording of photos and Full HD videos a pleasure.

Creative functions for every taste

If more details should come into the picture in particularly bright as well as in very dark areas, then the HDR backlighting function of the EOS 6D is just the thing. The camera takes several pictures, each with a different exposure, and then combines them into one picture. The exposure compensation of ± 5 stops and exposure brackets of ± 3 stops offer maximum flexibility when fine-tuning the exposure

GPS to track the route

The integrated GPS receiver provides the recording files with the received location information. In GPS logger mode, the receiver records the GPS data of the trip even when the camera is switched off.

WiFi for great freedom

Remote-controlled photography from very unusual angles: The EOS 6D can be controlled from a PC, Mac or smartphone. The recordings can be wirelessly transmitted and uploaded via WLAN – for direct and easy sharing with friends and family.

Photography Location

the location was in front of my photography studio in Berlin Dahlem.