Vogue Arabia December 2021 Backstage photos and some videos that you can see from my Instagram account which I linked here. For this shoot, I used the light painting technique. This technique is also called the long exposure technique. I am not the first person to use this technique in fashion photography. Before me, the Italian Photographer Paolo Roversi used it. If you are interested in seeing all the photos from this editorial, click here.

Kris Gottschalk on the set for Vogue Arabia December 2021 Backstage
Vogue Arabia December 2021 Backstage

Vogue Arabia December 2021 Backstage and Lighting

As a light source, I used a torch that I landed from our building housemaster, Oliver DĂĽrbye. Oliver was a nice person. During the time I was in my Studio in Dahlem-Berlin, every time he supported me. When we were talking, he was telling me that one day I will be a Famous Photographer in the world. Unfortunately, in September 2023 he passed away, and I was so sad about it.

I studied art and worked in the photography market since the year 2000. That’s why I have a deep knowledge of lighting in photography and Videography. Sometimes I share my lighting diagrams with young photographers to help them and show them how to use artificial Light. Sometimes I meet photographers who call themselves natural light photographers, sadly I have to say this kind of photographer doesn’t have lighting knowledge, which is why they are trying to hide it by shooting outside. Anyway, I will give you more information about this photo shoot, for long-exposure photography, the camera should be on a tripod. I used my Manfrotto tripod. Bedside Digital photos I take some photos with my Large format Camera 4×5.

Kris Gottschalk was our model from Iconic Management. The Fashion stylist was Hercules Terres. Hercules is a Brazilian Fashion Stylist Living in Berlin-Germany, He started his career as a makeup artist in the cinema industry. Israel Alcantara did the makeup for this editorial. For this shoot, I used the Light Painting Photography technique, because of this technique I had to cut all the ambient light.

Vogue Arabia December 2021 Backstage on my Social Media

Here I’m posting some videos from my behind-the-scenes Instagram page. These photos and videos show my working process to others. Also, it’s helpful for some beginner photographers to understand the process. If you are interested in seeing more photos from my professional photography backstage, click here.
And here I have some backstage photos from one of my outdoor photo shoots.